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09-0324 :: Brush Fire With Injury

Incident # 09-0324
Date: 11-08-09
Location: Brush Creek Road, Hempfield Township


Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department responded to a brush fire with reports of one person burned.  Upon arrival of EMS conformation of one patient on scene burned while attempting to use gasoline to start the fire.  GASOLINE SHOULD NEVER BE USED TO START A FIRE OR KEEP A FIRE GOING.  ACVFD reminds you that gasoline is highly flammable and unpredictible when used near an open flame.  The fumes alone from gasoline can ignite without warning, and cause serious injury or death. The patient was flown by STAT Medevac to a Burn Center in Pittsburgh.

Responding Units from Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department:

Engine 10, Rescue 10, Quint 10, Command 10

Additional Units:

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