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Firefighters Complete Pro-Board Certification.

In the last week, Adamsburg and High Park VFD received word that Firefighters K. Anthony, C. Kuchar, M. Lupinacci, and Captain Stikkel have obtained their Pro-Board Firefighter 1. We would like to congratulate these firefighters on this milestone in their career as a firefighter. These firefighters join Chief Thoma, Asst. Chief Thoma, Capt. Kuchar, Firefighters, A. Thoma, M. Shabe, T. Connors, C. Brockhoff and B. Bouldin in having a minimum level of Pro-Board certification. This is a great example of how the combined company is looking to better ourselves as firefighters for our community. We currently have a few other firefighters in the process and in the future High Park and Adamsburg hope to grow the number of firefighters who have this type of certification as much as we can.

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