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Water Flow Training


Firefighters took to the local school bus garage to conduct some water flow training. In recent times, our fire district has seen a great increase in fire hydrant installation and availability. However several shortcomings in the amount of water that these can supply have been identified. Some of the newer and older hydrants do not flow enough water for the potential emergencies or are down hill and still a bit too far out of the way. The Hempfield School District was gracious enough to let us use their facility to train on Rural and Combined water supplies along with flowing different streams. High Park and Adamsburg firefighters trained on drafting and supply, several hoses, and master streams, while the firefighters from Madison(18) and Larimer(1) provided tankers with their dump tanks to help with the training.

Adamsburg and High Park would like to thank the Hempfield Area School District for allowing us to use their facility to provide hard to find realistic training, as well as prepare us for several of their buildings that might need this kind of operation. We would also like to thank Madison and Larimer for bringing their tankers, providing dump tanks, and a resource to help with the training.

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