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17th Annual Hempfield-Greensburg Fire Prevention


ACVFD attended the 17th Annual Hempfield-Greensburg Fire Prevention night at Westmoreland Mall on Tuesday, October 10th. Rescue 10, Quint 10 and Gator 10 along with its support trailer, were all put on display in the parking lot for residents to view. Children were allowed to climb on the trucks and see what it’s like to be a firefighter. Many of the other Hempfield-Greensburg fire departments were present, making it a great night to view all the apparatus’s in the area.

Rescue 10 also participated with Rescue 29 in a vehicle rescue demonstration. During the demonstration residents were able to watch how a rescue operation works, the companies removed the doors and roofs of two separate cars. Chief 10 narrated the demonstration giving residents further insight into how a rescue operation works.

In addition, Junior ACVFD members supervised and talked to children while they crawled through the Westmoreland County Fire Safety House. Junior members talked to children about what to do if their house was on fire, including staying low, getting out fast and having a family meeting spot. After the children crawled through the house they were able to practice “climbing” down an escape ladder while the ACVFD junior members helped them.

Thank you to all who came out and supported ACVFD at this Fire Prevention night!

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