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2017 Fall Gun Bash



Fall Gun Bash tickets are in! It will be held Sunday, October 22, 2017, doors open at 12:00pm.

Tickets are $25.00 and will be available at the L&L Fleatique, and Pitt Industrial Diamond Products/Pitt Rental Center.

Firefighters Complete Pro-Board Certification.

In the last week, Adamsburg and High Park VFD received word that Firefighters K. Anthony, C. Kuchar, M. Lupinacci, and Captain Stikkel have obtained their Pro-Board Firefighter 1. We would like to congratulate these firefighters on this milestone in their career as a firefighter. These firefighters join Chief Thoma, Asst. Chief Thoma, Capt. Kuchar, Firefighters, A. Thoma, M. Shabe, T. Connors, C. Brockhoff and B. Bouldin in having a minimum level of Pro-Board certification. This is a great example of how the combined company is looking to better ourselves as firefighters for our community. We currently have a few other firefighters in the process and in the future High Park and Adamsburg hope to grow the number of firefighters who have this type of certification as much as we can.

Firefighters Complete Annual Hazmat Update

Firefighters participated in their annual Hazardous Materials Operations update. This update keeps our firefighters ready for the most current hazards and our skills sharp for any incident that may arise. Firefighters trained on ways to clean hazardous materials off ourselves, mitigate minor incidents, and rescue individuals from these type of calls. Attached are a few pictures of this class.


House Fire and a Cover Assignment Make for a Busy Night

Rescue 10 and Vent 500 were added to the assignment for Skyline Drive in Hempfield 2 VFD’s first due for the working house fire with entrapment. Rescue and Service 10 staged near the front of the house with Fort Allen VFD’s RIT crews for the duration of the fire. Vent 500 provided air monitoring and completed ventilation post extinguishment. First arriving companies successfully pulled the trapped individual from the house. Units were released when the fire was deemed out.

A short while after returning this incident several Hempfield Township Fire Bureau units were requested to transfer. Engine 10 along with Engine 104 transferred to Sewickley Township to cover while their companies were working a house fire. Station 61 provided first due coverage for the combined response area while the Engine was in Sewickley Twp.


Busy Second Half of April

The Adamsburg and Community VFD and High Park VFD have had a busy back half of April. This part of the of the month involved a wide array of incidents from 2 requests for assistance to the Westmoreland County Hazmat Team, a RIT response on the upgraded alarm in Greensburg, several Fire Alarm activations, to several EMS Assists and Vehicle Crashes. Attached are a few pictures of our responses from the last 2 weeks.  (more…)

Notice for Hempfield Township Residents who have an Irwin (15642) zip code.

You may have received a subscription request from an ambulance service that neighbors Hempfield Township, due to the way the postal service handles mail routes, these were inadvertently sent to residents of Hempfield Township. Our neighbors Rescue 14 E.M.S. are the Ambulance providers for residents of the western section of Hempfield Township, including a section of Hempfield which has a 15642 zip code. Rescue 14’s subscription drive will be arriving shortly. These subscriptions should only go to residents who reside in Rescue 14’s primary response area. Rescue 14 asks that you discard errant flyer and look for Rescue 14’s flyer for your yearly subscription