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Special Thanks

ACVFD recently had to operate without our Rescue truck for 2 1/2 weeks. The truck was involved in a traffic collision while parked at a crash, when a vehicle slid on ice into it. While Webbs Service center was working on repairing our truck, our firefighters moved some equipment around to maintain what we feel was an acceptable level of service while the truck was out. This involved gathering a few pieces of equipment from the rescue and temporarily moving them to our Engine, Quint, and Utility truck. Our engine, not designed for vehicle rescue capability, had little room on it. Firefighters approached our local Hurst dealer to see if we could borrow any kind of battery powered rescue tool. These tools allowed for a better use of space on our engine as they do not require a truck mounted generator and hose to operate. The Rescue Store let us borrow a used set of Hurst EDraulics tools. We would like to thank Bill Finley Jr. and The Rescue Store for stepping up to help us maintain that level of service. 

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