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RIT Response Westec Dr.


While out on an Accident on the Turnpike, Rescue 10 responded for the RIT to Westec Dr. in 28’s (Midway/St. Clair) first due. Rescue 10 arrived and set up initial RIT at the Alpha/Bravo Corner of the structure. Rescue 104 arrived as part of the township RIT team and staged in the same area bringing their crew to RIT staging. The size of the building and the number of firefighters working on this fire necessitated a much larger RIT team. RIT command requested RIT teams from 34(Crabtree) and 178(Connellsville – Fayette Station 7). At the request of RIT command teams were set up at the B and D sides due to the location of the fire in the building. The fire was mostly contained to the office area of the building with some extension to the main building. As the fire was placed under control RIT scaled down and eventually was released by Command 28.

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