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RIT Response to North Hempfield

The Hempfield Township RIT team (The Rescue truck and Fort Allen Rescue 104) were sent to the North Hempfield section of the township to assist Station 65 with a Commercial Structure Fire. Rescue 10 and Service 10 responded with Rescue 104 and set up RIT operations on the Alpha-Bravo corner. Do to the size of the structure and the amount of firefighters working the fire it was decided to add RIT 34. Rescue and Utility 34 arrived and supplemented RIT operations. Rescue 10’s support crew assisted the County HAZ-MAT team in setting up their decontamination tent along with support operations for the RIT team. Extra care had to be taken due to the processes involved at the plant. Several firefighters needed their gear cleaned to get the remnants of the dangerous fire cleaned off of it.


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