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Gator 10 Responded with Special Service 10, Engine 10 to Assist Fort Allen Station 104.

Adamsburg Station 320 Rescue 14 EMS was activated for for a male that had fallen out of a tree stand approx. 20 feet. Rescue 14 EMS requested Fort Allen Fire Department for man power and Adamsburg Fire Department for the Specialized Trail Gator for assistance to gain access to the patient that was approx. 300 yards in the woods, Gator 10 was able to make a path to the patient; where EMS crew then treated the patient, and then loaded the patient that was immobilized onto the specialized medical bed that is apart of Gator 10. Gator 10 then transported the patient and EMS crew straight to the awaiting Medical Helicopter. Chief 10 Landed Stat Med Evac in the field near the scene.  Additional info coming…



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