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House Possibly Struck By Lightning

Quint 10, Engine 10, Rescue 10, Special Service 10, and Squad 10 Responded To Brush Creek Road For A Reported House Fire. Chief 3 arrived to find a well involved attached garage. Quint 10 arrived first due to act as an engine and a truck. Chief 10 then took command. Chief 10 requested the first line to the garage exposures, a second line to the house for extension. First alarm companies that Responded; Station 2, Station 3, Station 13, Ladder 57, Air 500, Salvage 500, Snorkel 500, Vent 500, and the Hempfield Twp. Fire Marshal. Engine 61, Engine 21, Foam 21 Were Put On Standby. Rescue 61 and Foam 21 were then requested in for man power and foam. EMS Station 320, Support 610, And Station 211 were on scene for firefighter-rehab. A quick response by everyone contributed to keeping the majority of the damage to the garage and keeping the better part of the house in tact.






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