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March, 2018:

Notice from Rescue 14 E.M.S.


Notice for Hempfield Township Residents who have an Irwin (15642) or a Jeannette (15644) zip code as well are residents of Hempfield township west of Toll 66, south of Route 30 and west of Middletown Rd. It has come to our attention that you may have received a subscription request from one of the ambulance services that neighbor the western part of Hempfield Township and the eastern part of our service area, due to the way the postal service handles mail routes, these were inadvertently sent to residents of Hempfield Township. Our neighbors, Rescue 14 E.M.S. are the Ambulance providers for residents of the western section of Hempfield Township, including a section of Hempfield which has a 15642 and a 15644 zip code. Rescue 14’s subscription drive will be arriving shortly. These subscriptions should only go to residents who reside in Rescue 14’s primary response area. Rescue 14 asks that you discard errant flyer and look for Rescue 14’s flyer for your yearly subscription. These should be hitting mailboxes soon.