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Weather Related

10-0010 :: Residential Structure Fire

Incident # 10-0010
Date: 01-09-2010
Location: Pond Lane, Hempfield Township 

Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department responded to a residential structure fire that started as a chimney fire.  Quint 10 was added to the alarm as an additional ladder truck. Snow fall that evening had covered all the roadways used to respond to the scene.  To insure the safety of the firefighters, responding units had to use caution driving on the snow covered roadways. 

Upon arrival crews found the roof and attic of the residence on fire.  (more…)

Winter Wonder Land

Date: 01-08-2010
Location: Hempfield Township 

With  snow falling for the past week and salt supplies running low Hempfield Township Public Works is operating in salt-conservation mode.  “At this time the township is salting hills, intersections, and emergency routes” said Volpe, Hempfield Township Public Works Director.   

During this time Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department is ready to respond to any emergency that may arise. We have the ability to “Chain” our apparatus to travel on snow covered roads if needed.  We also currently have two 4-wheel drive pick up trucks to assist in emergency responses where a fire engine may not necessarily be needed.   

We remind anyone that must travel in these conditions to allow extra time, travel slow, and use extreme caution.  Roadways may be hazardous at times.  We also remind you to use caution when traveling on the highway that may be clear of snow, then transitioning to some side streets that still need attention.    

Even in ACVFD’s state of readiness, we prefer YOU not to need us in an emergency.  


09-0379 :: Motor Vehicle Collision

Incident # 09-0379
Date: 12-31-2009
Location: Rt.136, Hempfield Township

Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department responded to a motor vehicle collision with reported entrapment on Route 136 in Hempfield Township. Upon arrival found one car on it’s side against a guard rail. The occupants of the vehicles had managed to climb out of the vehicle prior to our arrival.   (more…)

Happy Holidays From ACVFD

Date: 12-19-2009
Location: Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department

Santa Claus took some time out of his busy schedule to visit Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department today.  Despite the heavy snow outside, his sleigh made it from the North Pole in time to enjoy breakfast with about 50 kids who braved the early winter snow storm to visit with Santa. Santa made sure to listen to all the boys and girls, and take down any last minute Christmas requests.  After visiting he passed out gift bags that contained candy, presents and fruit that were donated by local businesses.  (more…)

09-0044 through 09-0062 :: Storm Damage

Incident # 09-0044 – 09-0062
Date: 02-11-2009
Location: Hempfield Township, Adamsburg and Arona Boroughs

Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department responded to multiple storm related calls on the night of Wednesday Feb. 11th, through the day of Thursday, Feb. 12th. The department was kept busy removing trees from roadways, mitigating hazards from down wires, and removing a tree that had fallen onto a residence damaging the roof.

Responding Units from Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department:

Engine 10, Quint 10, Rescue 10, Command 10