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Fire Related Incidents

Special Thanks

ACVFD recently had to operate without our Rescue truck for 2 1/2 weeks. The truck was involved in a traffic collision while parked at a crash, when a vehicle slid on ice into it. While Webbs Service center was working on repairing our truck, our firefighters moved some equipment around to maintain what we feel was an acceptable level of service while the truck was out. This involved gathering a few pieces of equipment from the rescue and temporarily moving them to our Engine, Quint, and Utility truck. Our engine, not designed for vehicle rescue capability, had little room on it. Firefighters approached our local Hurst dealer to see if we could borrow any kind of battery powered rescue tool. These tools allowed for a better use of space on our engine as they do not require a truck mounted generator and hose to operate. The Rescue Store let us borrow a used set of Hurst EDraulics tools. We would like to thank Bill Finley Jr. and The Rescue Store for stepping up to help us maintain that level of service. 

Busy Winter Wednesday

Winter weather has given the ACVFD a busy morning. The morning started out with a crash on Arona Rd, ACVFD Responded with the Rescue, Service, and staffed Ambulance 322 to handle the second patient. Firefighters controlled traffic, assisted with patient care, and controlled hazards. While operating at this crash, Chief 10 was notified by WCDPS that a second crash had occurred on Brush Creek Road in our first due. Units responded from the first crash to this one along with the Engine responding from the station. This crash a little more serious, involved a passenger car and a garbage truck. Firefighters were tasked with Hazard Control, traffic control, patient care, and enhancing patient access. Firefighters used the Hurst EDraulic tools to remove a door and assisted EMS with patient packaging and care. 


Washer and Dryer Donated!

Shortly before the end of 2018 we wrote a post asking for some help in acquiring a washer and dryer to help with cleaning our hoods and other necessary items around the firehouse. As we learn more and more about what we do as a fire department, one of the issues we face is a very high risk for cancer, part of this is from things left on our clothing and fire gear after a fire. Having a good washer and dryer around will help us clean some of the items after a fire quicker and will lessen our exposure to these cancer causing materials and particles. We were fortunate enough to get some help, we would like to thank the Penn Rod & Gun Club and Kennametal, they have come forward and helped us purchase a new washer and dryer, we would like to say thank you for their donations, we appreciate it.

Busy Week for ACVFD

The volunteers at ACVFD have been busy over the last 7 days. Responding to 17 incidents. 11 of which were in our first due. The mix of incidents included everything from a flooded basement to a reported fire and working mobile home fire. Attached are a few pictures of the incidents.


Working Oven Fire, Frick Ave.

Station 10 and the first alarm assignment were sent to Frick Ave in our first due for a reported Oven Fire. Asst. 10-1 arrived to find nothing evident from the street. Upon doing a walk-around, the homeowner advised that they had a fire in the oven and the house was full of smoke. (more…)

We Are Asking Santa Claus for a Few Things For Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching; the end of the year is near and I know you are looking for a last-minute tax deduction. Adamsburg and Community VFD is in the need of a washer and dryer for our fire station. You may not know it but to help get our fire trucks out the door quickly we frequently have members stay overnight at the fire station or sleep there during the day, after night shift, and even come home for a week and stay at the hall. We are looking for a washer and dryer to give a good home to. The volunteers would appreciate the appliances to help keep the bunkroom, beds and their clothes clean. If you were thinking about upgrading to a new washer/dryer, but your older ones still have some life left and are in good shape it would certainly how the department and our cause out. If you are in the position to donate your used washer or dryer, want to donate new economical ones or donate cash for or towards new ones please contact us at 724-527-6250. Leave a message and we will get back to you. We can even make arrangements to pick them up if need be. We here at Adamsburg and Community VFD appreciate the support out community gives us and we would appreciate any help with this!