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Quint 10

MVC Involving a School Bus

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After being released from a reported electrical issue, dispatch advised the Quint of a call for the Rescue to respond to Manor Borough for an MVC involving a school bus. Quint 10 responded direct along with the Rescue from the station. (more…)

Whigham RD Barn Fire

Quint 10 was activated and arrived first due in Fort Allen (104’s District) for a Working Barn Fire. Engine 10, Rescue 10, and Service 10 responded in to assist with operations. Quint 10 supplied two hand lines, Engine 10 supplied Engine 104 and Engine 61. Chief 10 handled tanker operations due to a lack of fire Hydrants near by. Responding Units included E104,E112,E61,R61,F21,E21,T14,T19,T74,T75, The Township Special Equipment, Station 320 and Support 610.

Monsour Hospital Structure Fire


Station 61 and their first alarm assignment were sent to the house next to Pinnacle Auto Sales for a reported house fire. This alarm included the Quint. While enroute the location was updated to an address within the Jeanette city limits on the old Monsour Hospital property. Engine 112 arrived and confirmed a working fire, setting up the “Monsour Command”. The original clinic, a large house, in front the hospital was well involved with fire. Quint 10 arrived and was assigned to the roof on the delta side of the structure. The Quint put its ladder to the old helipad and then stretched high rise packs for suppression. (more…)

Reported Lawn Mower Fire In a Garage

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Station 10 and the First Alarm Assignment were sent to the Evanstown section of the township for a reported lawn mower on fire inside a garage. 15 Engine arrived and found the fire out and began to check for extension. Chief 10 arrived and scaled the incident down to Engine 15 and Station 10. (more…)

Main St. Electrical Issue

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Storms ended a water supply drill early, however they signaled a long night for ACVFD. A short while after returning from the drill, Station 10 and the first alarm assignment were sent to Main St., Adamsburg Borough for a report of an electrical entrance arcing. The Quint, Engine, Service, and Rescue responded. Chief 10 assigned the Quint to the address, with the Engine 10 setting up just behind the Quint. (more…)

House Fire BlackBerry Rd.


Station 10 and the first alarm Assignment were sent to Blackberry Rd. for the Reported House Fire. Medic 322 arrived to find a working fire on the second division. With this information, the balance of the alarm and a tanker alarm were requested, as the closest hydrant was a long lay. The initial alarm included Station 10, Engines 2, 61, 13. Engine 2-1, the Quint and Engine went into the scene with the remainder involved in water supply and personnel staging.  (more…)