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17th Annual Hempfield-Greensburg Fire Prevention


ACVFD attended the 17th Annual Hempfield-Greensburg Fire Prevention night at Westmoreland Mall on Tuesday, October 10th. Rescue 10, Quint 10 and Gator 10 along with its support trailer, were all put on display in the parking lot for residents to view. (more…)

Fire Department Training In CPR and AED


Junior Firefighters Practice Compressions and Breathing On The Simulator.

Special Thanks To Steve Zimmerman For Teaching This Class.

Our Fire Department is dedicated to keeping all of our members up to-date in their training. This months ongoing training was a CPR course, refreshing our Senior members and certifying our new Junior members. Special thanks to our instructor Steve Zimmerman for taking the time to pass along his knowledge to our department.


Mutual Aid Departments Gather for Training/Familiarization


Firefighters from Adamsburg, Westmoreland City, and Strawpump gathered at Strawpump’s firehall to go over each departments equipment. At the request of Chief 3, the Quint was brought to the training to go over its equipment, functions, and limitations. (more…)

Junior Fundraiser


Adamsburg VFD Junior Corps had spent many months collecting and raising money for a Powercall 6 Adam for Quint 10. This is testing the siren after the install.

The Adamsburg Junior Corp. is already starting to raise money for additional Powercall 6 Adam for Engine 10 and Rescue 10.

Adamsburg VFD Thanks the Junior corps for there dedication and support.

STAT MedEvac Safety Class

Adamsburg VFD, Rescue 14 EMS; held a Helicopter Safety Class, this is one of many classes needed for Advance Vehicle Rescue Operations Certification.


Training :: Basic Vehicle Rescue – Operations

Date: 03-14-2010
Location: Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department

The Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department and surrounding local fire departments continued there training with the second installment in the Basic Vehicle Rescue (BVR) Class.  This portion of BVR is considered the operations section.  Students learned to utilize hand tools, air tools, and electric powered tools to extricate patients from vehicles that have been involved in collisions.  Tools ranging from sawzalls to air chisels were used by the students.  These basic tools are taught in this section of the class prior to the next class that utilizes hydraulic power tools or the “Jaws of Life”.  It is important for students to learn these basic tools as they are just as important on an emergency as the “Jaws of Life”.  So for this class they had to disassemble vehicles using these basic tools.  (more…)