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Daylight Savings Time Ends This Weekend!

Along with changing your clocks, please remember to change your Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries in eligible units. After changing the Battery please remember to test your detectors.

Odor of Gas In The Structure In High Park’s First Due


Quint 10 was dispatched to Bigelow St. in High Park, for a reported odor of gas in the structure. Quint and Engine 10 responded to the above location. Quint 10 arrived and was assigned the front of the structure. Continue reading →

Penn-Manor Rd. Field Fire


Station 10 was dispatched for a reported Brush Fire on Penn Manor Rd. near Columbus St. Engine and Service 10 responded immediately as firefighters were in station. Continue reading →

Rt. 30 Vehicle Crash In High Park’s First Due

photo 3

Station 10 was activated to respond to Route 30 at Possum Hollow Rd. for a Vehicle Crash with multiple vehicles involved in the High Park section of the Township. Quint 10 and Service 10 out on the road for a drill, responded immediately. Continue reading →

Wendel Rd. Motorcycle Crash

photo 3-1

Station 10 was activated to respond to a Motorcycle Crash with injuries on Wendel Rd. in our first due. Chief 10 arrived to find single motorcycle crash with no other vehicles involved. Rescue 10 arrived and assisted EMS care. Continue reading →

Rescue Responds to Strawpump

photo 2

At the Request of Chief 2, Rescue 10 was added to the Accident with Entrapment on Route 30 near Rhonda Court. Continue reading →