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Notice for Hempfield Township Residents who have an Irwin (15642) zip code.

Notice for Hempfield Township Residents who have an Irwin (15642) zip code. Once again, it has come to our attention that you may have received a subscription request from one of the ambulance services that neighbor the western part of Hempfield Township. Due to the way the postal service handles mail routes, these were sent to residents of Hempfield Township. Our neighbors, Rescue 14 E.M.S. are the Ambulance providers for residents of the western section of Hempfield Township, including a section of Hempfield which has a 15642 (such as Rolling Hills, West Hempfield, Wendel (delivered mail) Green Ridge, Renaissance and the areas near these places) and a 15644 zip code (areas of Hempfield Township that border the west side of Jeanette). Rescue 14 apologizes for the confusion, however we have been unsuccessful trying to fix the issue. Rescue 14’s subscription drive will be arriving shortly. These subscriptions should only go to residents who reside in Rescue 14’s primary response area. Rescue 14 asks that you discard errant flyer and look for Rescue 14’s flyer for your yearly subscription. These should be hitting mailboxes soon.

Fish Fry Status

Out of an abundance of caution, our leadership has chosen to suspend the fish fry until further notice.

Gun Bash Rescheduled

Due to the current virus pandemic, the ACVFD has decided to postpone our Gunbash to April 19th. This is a historic event touching the lives of many people, we feel this is the best course of action at this time. If anything changes we will update everyone here and on our Facebook page.

2020 Fish Fry Starts Ash Wednesday!

Our Annual Fish Fry will be held during lent Ash Wednesday and every Friday for the duration.

Donation Helps Our COVID-19 Readiness

As with most everyone, we are having trouble finding necessary supplies to keep our Firefighters, Equipment, and Building disinfected and clean. While we were calling around trying to find some of these supplies to purchase, some friends that have long supported us with many projects and needs stepped up to help. Frank and Mark Scozio, from Giant Eagle in Penn Twp. and White Oak, not only were able to find what we were looking for, they donated the items to us. We truly appreciate all of the help they and their stores have given us over the years. Thank you!

Quint 10 Responds to Lowber Fire

On February 27th, Quint 10 responded on a Working House Fire in the Lowber section of Sewickley Township. Quint 10 was added later into the fire as a manpower resource. Quint 10 arrived and staged out of the way sending its crew forward. Firefighters operated about an hour and a half with several hooks opening up as well as a utilizing a handline to extinguish remaining fire. Several firefighters also staged in station to help maintain coverage for the west end of the township.


ACVFD Responds to Back to Back Fires.

ACVFD firefighters run back to back working fires 5 hours apart.