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Adamsburg Fire Department

8:00am – 3:00pm   (Set up at 7:00am)

Sunday April 26, 2015           Sunday May 3, 2015       Sunday May 17, 2015

Outdoor Spaces $10.00  per date (you bring your own tables) Indoor Spaces $20.00  per date (you use our tables)Rain or shine reserve your table now.  Please fill out the application below.

Questions please email

Make check payable to ADAMSBURG FIRE DEPARTMENT.

Mail your application to Lorre Begonia    P.O. Box 41  Adamsburg, PA  15611Applications must be received by April 20, 2015.


Reported House Fire in High Park’s First Due


Station 10 was activated as part of the first alarm assignment to respond to Boxer Ridge Lane for a reported house fire. Chief 104 arrived to find an incorrectly addressed mobile home with about 40% involvement in fire. Chief 61 directed Engine 104 to make the treacherous drive back the approximately 600 foot muddy driveway. Quint 10 arrived and was assigned to send its crew forward to assist 104 with fire attack. Continue reading →

Station Responds to Another Brush Fire Along The Turnpike

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Station 10 was activated by Asst. 2-1 to assist with a Brush Fire that had extended off of the PA turnpike near the Liberty Rd. Overpass. The Engine, Service, Squad, Gator, and the Quint responded. Continue reading →

Station Empties for the Reported Chimney Fire in Madison


Station 10 was activated as part of the first alarm assignment to Main St. in Madison for the reported Chimney Fire. The Quint, Engine, and Rescue responded. The Quint arrived and was given the Alpha-Bravo corner to set up. Continue reading →

Brush Fire PA Turnpike


The Engine was requested by Station 2 to standby at the interchange for 2 reported Brush Fires on the PA turnpike at the 71 and 73 mile marker. Units from Station 2 arrived at the 71 mile marker with a several acre brush fire that had made it off of turnpike property. Continue reading →

Rescue Responds to Rt. 136 for an MVC With Entraptment


Station 10 was activated for a Crash with reported Entrapment on Rt 136 near Harry Long Rd. First arriving EMS units confirmed entrapment. Rescue 10 arrived and stabilized the vehicle. Crews utilized multiple hydraulic tools to provide access to the occupants. Continue reading →